March 2024: Claire got the NSERC Undergraduate Science Research Award, for the 2nd time, to continue her project work in the lab during Summer 2024. Congratulations Claire...!!!

March 2024: Claire's paper on the Regulatory role of RNA-binding proteins in microRNA biogenesis was accepted for publication in Frontier in Molecular Biosciences...Congratulations Clarie...!!!

September 2023: Zaid and Yuguan joined the lab to pursue their graduate studies. Welcome to Kakumani Lab, Zaid and Yuguan...!!!

August 2023: This August has been good for our lab. Just heard, Claire got the Janeway Research Foundation Trainee Award for Undergradutes...Congratulations Claire...!!! and Thank you Janeway for your support.

August 2023: Here comes another...I was just notified of funding for our grant to study CSDE1's involvement in miRNA processing and function in leukemia development...Thank you Janeway Research Foundation...!!!

August 2023: It is official...We have been awarded an Operating Grant from the Cancer Research Society (CRS) to elucidate mechanisms employed by RBPs in miRNA biogenesis...Thank you CRS...!!!

August 2023: Claire won the First prize in poster presentations during the 13th Annual Biochemistry Symposium at Memorial University. Congratulations...!!!

July 2023: We just got the decision. Our manuscript, CSDE1 promotes miR-451 biogenesis, now accepted for publication in Nucleic Acids Research...!!! Congratulations to Sushmitha, Grace, Mia and all the other co-authors who made this possible...!!!

June 2023: Arezou joined our lab to pursue her MSc studies. Welcome to the lab, Arezou...!!!

April 2023: It's official...!!! Claire's awarded with the prestigious NSERC Science Undergraduate Research Award to continue her project work in the lab during Summer 2023. Congratulations Claire...!!!

July 2022: As they say, "Better late than never"...!!! Sushmitha joined the lab (in June) to pursue her PhD studies. Welcome to Kakumani Lab, Sushmitha...!!!

April 2022: The First paper from our lab entitled, "AGO-RBP crosstalk on target mRNAs: Implications in miRNA-guided gene silencing and cancer" got accepted in the journal, Translational Oncology - part of Elsevier's Oncology Journal Network. 

April 2022: Awarded the NSERC Discovery Grant (2022-2027) and Discovery Launch Supplement (2022-2023) as an Early Career Researcher (ECR).

Title: PIWI-interacting RNA (piRNA)-guided somatic gene regulation in cell homeostasis and differentiation.

January 2022: Kakumani Lab is open.

October 2021: Movied into the Office and Lab space in the brand new Core Science Facility of the Faculty of Science, Memorial University.

July 2021: Dr. Kakumani joined Dept. of Biochemistry as an Assistant Professor (Tenure-track).