September 2023: Zaid and Yuguan joined the lab to pursue their graduate studies. Welcome to Kakumani Lab, Zaid and Yuguan...!!!

August 2023: This August has been really good to our lab. Just heard, Claire got the Janeway Research Foundation Trainee Award for Undergradutes...Congratulations Claire...!!! and Thank you Janeway for your support.

August 2023: Here comes another...I was just notified of funding for our grant to study CSDE1 involvment in miRNA processing and function in leukemia development...Thank you Janeway Research Foundation...!!!

August 2023: Its official...We have been awarded an Operating Grant from Cancer Research Society (CRS) to elucidate mechanisms employed by RBPs in miRNA biogenesis...Thank you CRS...!!!

August 2023: Claire won the First prize in poster presentations during the 13th Annual Biochemistry Symposium at Memorial University. Congratulations...!!!

July 2023: We just got the decision. Our manuscript, CSDE1 promotes miR-451 biogenesis, now accepted for publication in Nucleic Acids Research...!!! Congratulations to Sushmitha, Grace, Mia and all the other co-authors who made this possible...!!!

June 2023: Arezou joined our lab to pursue her MSc studies. Welcome to the lab, Arezou...!!!

April 2023: It's official...!!! Claire's awarded with the prestigious NSERC Science Undergraduate Research Award to continue her project work in the lab during Summer 2023. Congratulations Claire...!!!

July 2022: As they say, "Better late han never"...!!! Sushmitha joined the lab (in June) to puruse her PhD studies. Welcome to Kakumani Lab, Sushmitha...!!!

April 2022: The First paper from our lab entitled, "AGO-RBP crosstalk on target mRNAs: Implications in miRNA-guided gene silencing and cancer" got accepted in the journal, Translational Oncology - part of Elsevier's Oncology Journal Network. 

April 2022: Awarded the NSERC Discovery Grant (2022-2027) and Discovery Lauch Supplement (2022-2023) as an Early Career Researcher (ECR).

Title: PIWI-interacting RNA (piRNA)-guidedsomatic gene regulation in cell homeostasis and differentiation.

January 2022: Kakumani Lab is open.

October 2021: Movied into the Office and Lab space in the brand new Core Science Facility of Faculty of Science, Memorial University.

July 2021: Dr. Kakumani joined Dept. of Biochemistry as an Assistant Professor (Tenure-track).